Think of Them: The Elderly at Christmas

Think of Them: The Elderly at Christmas



When you think of December, what does your mind go to immediately? Most likely, it’s Christmas. Happy times with family, presents, nice decorations and delicious food. An excuse to eat and drink whatever you want. But unfortunately to some people it is none of these things. It can just be another time of year, or a time where those with no one to celebrate with are confronted with loneliness. To them Christmas is not the special time it may be to you or me.

To many homeless people, those suffering from mental or physical afflictions and of course the elderly at Christmas they can have no one to turn to. A 2014 BBC poll suggested that 7% of all adults in the UK and as much as 10% of those aged over 65 expected to spend Christmas alone.

According to research carried out from charity Age UK there is nearly 1 MILLION older people that would say that they feel lonelier at Christmas time. These numbers help put into perspective how many across the country suffer at this time of year, particularly when you take into account the memories and lost loved ones many are reminded of.

Please spare a thought for those who are alone and do what you can to help. Whether it’s something as simple as making sure you’re checking up on a loved one who lives alone, saying hello to someone at a bus stop or posting a Christmas card through your older neighbours’ door, you could help make someones holiday season much more bearable this year.

From everyone at Visiting Angelz, we hope you all have a wonderful end to your year.

Merry Christmas!


If you are alone this Christmas and looking for somewhere to go, a Charity named Community Christmas aims to encourage communities to set up local activities, meals etc. for all to attend free of charge. If you follow the link below, you can search for all these events local to you.


Whether you are worried about a loved one who needs assistance / is elderly at Christmas or any other time of the year, Visiting Angelz are here to help.

Should you wish to contact us, we can be reached at 0141 812 5232, or alternatively by email at

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