How to Help the Vulnerable in Cold Weather

For the second year in a row we’ve been hit with severe weather, with temperatures plummeting below zero and icy streets. Those that are vulnerable may struggle in the cold weather more than others and may sometimes need a bit of help.

What Can I Do to Help?

  • Keep an eye out for any elderly or disabled family members / neighbours you have. Exposure to the cold weather and temperatures can be hazardous for the vulnerable in our society, raising the risk highly of flu’s, pneumonia or worse. It can also be expensive to heat homes in this weather, leaving the possibility that it may also be cold indoors.
  • Help out by gritting driveways, paths etc. to minimize risk of injury. De-icing salts can be bought inexpensively online.
  • Help those that are housebound out with any shopping or necessities they may need. It could be the case that they have no one else to help.

How Can I Be Prepared?

  • Shut all doors in your home to ensure the heat stays in a concentrated area.
  • Wrap up in plenty of layers if going outside.
  • Wear a hat – Your head is the most important part of your body to keep warm and this can determine the rest of your body heat.
  • Drink plenty of hot drinks, tea, coffee etc. to keep yourself warm.
  • Use hot water bottles when indoors to keep yourself from the cold.

How We Can Help in the Bad Weather

At Visiting Angelz, we currently have a stock of ice-resistant shoe stud boots and hand-warmers available free-of-charge for our staff and service users, or anyone else that may find this useful. Drop into our office in Erskine to pick these up at any-time, or if we could do anything else to help you or any vulnerable people you may know during this cold weather. Last year our dedicated staff fought through the “Beast of the East”  red weather warning that brought the country to a standstill to ensure our service users received the care they needed.

Please everyone take care and stay safe in these conditions.

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