Funding Your Care

Funding Your Care

When looking into potential care for you or your loved one, how you are funding your care is something which you must take into account. Here in Scotland there are a number of different options in which this can be paid for and you may be eligible for funding in part or full.

Self Directed Support (SDS)

Self Directed Support allows people complete control over their provided individual budget to choose how they wish their support to be provided.

There are 3 options given:

  1. Given as a direct payment to the service user in question, or a desired benefactor to spend as they feel suits.
  2. Sent directly to the care provider of your choosing by your local authority.
  3. Care which is arranged and paid for by the council without preference from the individual requiring support.

If this is the route you wish to take, contact your local council for more information and they will direct you towards securing the budget that is right for you. Find more information on SDS here.


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