Administration of Medication is another area of care that is important and we take this
responsibility very seriously. Our staff are trained to help administer all kinds of medication in an
effective and accurate manner. All of our staff have been fully and comprehensively trained in the practice of administering medication and all that surrounds it. They are all very aware of the significance and importance
of good practice in relation to this. Our experience with all different types of medications is clear
through the diligence of our teams work in the field day-to-day. We have thorough systems in
place to ensure the proper and consistent adherence of medication through mediums such as
dossett boxes and medicine administration recording sheets where appropriate.

Our staff are available to pick up any prescriptions, medications or dossett boxes you may need
from chemists etc. A good rapport has been built up with local medical professionals over the
years, ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

We can also apply Topical Medication such as creams, lotions, gels etc. Other things we can
assist with include eyedrops, dentures and similiar products.

When deciding on a care provider, medication should be a priority and rightfully so. We ensure that all staff are adequately qualified and deemed suitable to be in the position they are in. Our medication training is thoroughly directed by experienced nurses and all included are taught of the provisions to take in case of a possible unplanned medical event or circumstance taking place.