Palliative Care

Visiting Angelz understand that dignity and comfort is essential with regard to palliative care. No one should have to live out the remainder of their lives in discomfort. We ensure that we work with our service users and relevant healthcare professionals to create a care plan which focuses primarily on what they want and how they would like to live.

Specialised Training

Our team of staff are fully trained and experienced in palliative care. Thus making sure they fully understand the effect that terminal illness can also take on your mental and emotional well-being, so sensitivity is a priority for our staff.


We have developed our approach through using our managements years of experience and past communication with those with terminal conditions as well as the family that surround them. These people and their experiences shared were integral to helping us understand and perfect our end of life care.


End of life care can be complex and every ones’ care needs are different. That is why we offer a totally personalised care package based on your needs and of yours and your family’s wishes.