One of the many areas in which our service is consistently given great feedback is our social inclusion. Social inclusion is ‘the act of making all groups of people within a society feel valued and important’. We strive to ensure that our service users live the life they want to live day to day and do what they want to do. Helping you fulfil your social needs is just as important to us as your care. This is at the forefront of Visiting Angelz philosophy of care since the very beginning of the company.


Every ones’ interests are different. What are interested in what is important to you and we encourage you to follow these. From our initial care assessment, we will work with you and/or your family to try and evaluate the interests or hobbies you may have and how we can help facilitate this. Our support is totally revolved around your satisfaction and not the needs of the company.

Methods of Social Inclusion

Every one of our service users has different needs and desires in relation to their social lives. We cater to all different kinds of activities including shopping, going out for meals etc. Our staff are also happy to accompany you to any family events you may wish to attend making sure that your condition doesn’t hinder your ability to spend valuable time with your loved ones. The activities we attend with our service users stretch across a broad spectrum of interests from personal appointments or visits to the cinema/museums to football and ice hockey games. We welcome the opportunity to experience your favourite activities with you and should you wish to include this in your package there would be no difference to our hourly rate.

Breaking Down Barriers

One of the biggest barriers facing those with disabilities can be the environments and/or people surrounding them. Our aim is to ensure that obstacles affecting your ability to do what you want to do are resolved. For example a location or event that may not seem wheelchair friendly. We work with many different organisations to help further the social well-being of our service users. These include several local clubs for people to meet to take part in activities such as exercise, music, lunches etc.  We also regularly work with local taxi companies, ensuring that transport is never a barrier, no matter your needs.

Sometimes people tend to close themselves off from others, and limit the amount of socialization they have with others. We encourage those who are able, to get out their house through assisted shopping, going out for meals etc.

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